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Welcome to Natsu's house Nice place too add the special chapter I've been waiting too see animated. During the fight happening between Erza Scarlet and Meredy in the middle of a pond, Erza has an unofficial Skinny Dipping and Rain Shower scene as she uses her ex-quipping which briefly makes her naked to switch armors.

Panel from comic by Hiro Mashima posted on his Twitter January 14th, Still uncomfortable, Lucy tries to convince the men to get out, though Gray states that they've all seen each other naked enough times to be past such embarrassment. Kenyan girl fucked. Hibiki relays the details of the plan to stop Nirvana: They have to train to increase their magic but she allows today to be a free day. Fairy tail nude scene. Cana Alberona is seen wearing a Towel and sitting in her dorm rooms couch drinking some alcohol after some Off Screen Bathing.

Once the moment is over, Erza senses the males trying to sneak a peek at them from the other side of the gate and throws four Kunais at them. During her bath, she was wearing a green Towel on both her body and her head. Carla - Bossiness increases 10 fold. Monster Soul Monster Hunter Orage. I always liked Fairy Tale but I really wish someone would teach the character artists how to draw a nice butt. Gildarts Would have preferred Igneel and Ur and respectively.

Trolmaster Featured By Owner Feb 8, Juvia Lockser begins her day by taking a Shower in in her dorm room. Sexy girls removing panties. The beers also have the name "Akane" on them http: Imagebarefeet, robe opponed and she's fully naked under. Views 2, Favourites 31 who? While the latest episodes still has it's fan-service scenes there are some scenes where characters were originally nude but for some reason clothed.

Juvia Lockser worries about what Gray Fullbuster is doing and has a Dream Sequence where Gray is bathing with Erza Scarlet and being asked to wash her back.

When she cannot find Jude, she sees him arriving late on foot, having been unable to afford a carriage ride following their fight. However, when she arrives to learn that Natsu simply wants her to summon her celestial spirit Virgo to help him dig up buried treasure, she slaps him and runs off, realizing she has made a fool of herself. D I usually don't like my heroines with dopey characters like Natsu, but he is a gentleman and mature when he wants to, also he is fun.

Some actual nudity wouldn't hurt though. The shot shows Lucy laying in her Bathtub filled with Green Bathwater possibly asleep or yawning with her left Arm Resting on the side and her legs spread. Lucy is then seeing joining Warrod in the bath covering her breasts while Natsu gets his back scrubbed by Erza in a furo session and all of them have a conversation where Warrod mentions a treasure Mavis hid years ago.

The staff Brain had before reveals his identity as the last member of Oracion Seis - the 7th, much to their confusion - and the reason behind their intentions of destroying the Cait Shelter Guild.

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Natsu mentions the Akane beach and Gray reminds him of the tickets Loke once gave them. Codi bryant naked pics. Heck even One Piece had a questionable shower scene in Thriller Bark. Imo this was a great OVA, enjoyed it a lot, and was funny as hell. As everyone recovers at Cait Shelter, it is revealed that the entire guild was an illusion created by the spirit of its guild master for Wendy's sake.

As Natsu goes to the location of first Lacrima to fight Zero, Jellal follows him after regaining some of his memory. That said, any gracious contribution is welcome. Fairy tail nude scene. Its smells like Fairy Tail since It reeks of trouble. Juvia Lockser who is hiding behind a Palm Tree in the distance is shown spying on Gray during this moment with a loving look on her face. I'm in it for the story, art, magic, different personalities, the fights, but the differences you mention in the first thread are not important to me.

Leave a Comment X Comment. Nude pic sharing sites. Due to popular demand by the public we're doing this again! Concluding that Hot Eye betrayed his father, Midnight engages in a fight with him.

Wearing her Virgo no arm pieces and sexy high heelsTaurus and Aquarius star dresses. After the ending credits an extra scene is shown where Mavis is seen relaxing in the hot spring after everyone has left and then stands up to talk to the audience.

The members of Fairy Tail all fight against the Dragonoid before Natsu tells them to destroy him with it. Wendy says they are always together though. If I was Rena from Higurashi.

As Lucy is still shown having a hard time getting in, she asks Cana if right hand is ok from when she has recieved "Fairy Glitter" which then Cana is now shown inside of the spring holding her right hand showing that it is ok now and that it was only for a short time. An illusion of Ichiya taking a bubble bath created by Rufus using a memory eve had.

Because Wendy's mission is to drink the milk of women. Looks so much more innocent with the swim suits, so much more emotional without it Natsu is still asleep, but he has rolled over and has now his head resting on Lucy right boob.

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Lucy who is leaning towards the edge of the spring is gazing at the stars and tells everyone that the sky is full where everyone decides to look at the stars while it shifts to the many other training parties in the guild looking at the same stars at the moment.

Gray then finds that Natsu already checked the bathroom and is in the bathtub with his clothes on and then sees that Erza was attempting to take a bath as she was already in a Towel and holding a bucket full of bathing accessories. As she is rinsing the shampoo off her hair under the shower, she says how happy she is to finally be back at her own house, which then she hears Cana Alberona say that she should live there too, surprising Lucy as she covers her private areas and looks behind her to see Cana bathing in the bathtub.

Most of this was actually taken from the manga. Meanwhile, Wendy searches for Jellal in order to find the necessary information that will help Natsu and the others stop Nirvana. Mirajane Strauss is shown unconscious in a Tube Bath at the Tartarus guild after being captured earlier on.

As the two soak in the spring together, Cana apologizes to Lucy for ditching her and trying to complete the S-Class Trial instead of helping her comrades admitting that betraying her comrades gave her a horrible feeling while Lucy forgives her and wasn't mad about it. Hot nude brunette models. Hibiki reveals that Nirvana has the power to invert light and dark within people, thus people of light who feel powerful negative emotion fall into darkness.

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Lisanna who is in the bath now as well questions who the red haired girl is over by the end of the bathing pool is. Skinny milf images. Ceiling view, focus on right side of the bed. Mavis really,really likes them. Hot chubby tits While Mavis Vermillion was going over to a lake, she accidentally stumbles upon Zeref for the for the first time while he was Skinny Dipping. Ouch, that ass must be very hurt there. When the TV anime reached episodes, the series went on hiatus on March 30th, where it later was revived a year later on April 5th, with the studio Bridge co-working with A-1 Pictures instead or Satelight and produced episodes through going back on hiatus on March 26th, In the shower she thinks to herself of how impossible the battle they are in because of the guild masters defeat and the guilds strongest mages absences and punches the wall in anger thinking that she should have been with the master in battle.

In the meantime, she meets an author who asks her to show him around town for inspiration for a novel, and later invites her out to dinner. Watch Out for the Guy You Like! But he's a cat. As Mirajane and Lisanna rinse off and get ready to get into the bath with them, Lucy says that Erza Scarlet and Wendy Marvell went off to do a job by themselves as well which causes Lisanna to question who the red haired girl in the neighboring Bathing Pool is.

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