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He has been boasted as one of the most powerful men in the world. Something tells me there's alot more to unravel about this mystery. Hd milf asian. The UN report also expressed particular concern about sexual violence against female detainees, including forced nudity and "repeated rape by multiple individuals. This is why the world and Mwxico is fucked up because people try and justify the actions that no good people - for lack of a better phrase- committ.

What is Huma up to? This will be good for Mexicans who are under threat, as Canada is very open to excepting these people! Meanwhile in spain, people are questioning the ambassadors qualifications, former veracruzano governor Fidel Herrera Beltran, ambassador to the Republic of Barcelona is being investigated for being a zeta z1 2 and a money laundering drug trafficker He deserves everything that is happening to him.

Anonymous June 26, at Like the Mexican guy who was looking for a connection and he found one and made a major deal. Emma coronel nude. If she could get her hands on it she would probably move on. Anonymous June 27, at 5: It's time for him to be an urban legend just like the late Mexican narcos we all read about. He probably could but then wouldnt be able to stay anywhere for more than a few hours or days because the manhunt would be vicious. In the US he would be escorted to showers and monitored as well.

It is difficult to break into this business and if you don't know what you are doing it can be very dangerous. Tits that sag. Embarrassing to Mexican men. And that he is not allowed to sleep. Find out what the site's premium version will offer to its users. She won some low level contest, Miss Coffee or something like that. Everything they're doing to Chapo they did to me, besides the whole dog poison check thing.

The Narcos are winning, the poor are losing, and North American kids are now junkies. Emma Coronel Aispura, a former beauty queen and a U. To the US Fuck that bitch.

Coronel will talk about life with Chapo, the arrest, and the true relationship with actress Kate Castillo. Fuck this bitch and fuck any "International" team that decides to listen to her. Had drug laws went the other way he wouldn't exist. Born US citizens need to have at least one parent of citizenship or legal permanent resident.

Anonymous June 27, at This is going to blow up and look so bad. Just get your but to the US Chapo and answer to your crimes!!!!! Pero no lo dudo que sea beautiful.

Emma coronel nude
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I keep praying that pedophilia in government and all others be stopped and punished for the evil they are doing. Going to DC will only ridicule the little lad. Sexy thai girl photos. They can't help you pinche zorra piruja.

Anonymous June 24, at 3: I believe she could be charged with something. As far as the killing and the violence are concerned it is just a reality of the business because disputes can't be settled with courts or police. Anonymous February 20, at 6: Which mweans it falls in the laps of Congress to fund them.

They will kill you if you spill their beet in a bar. Emma coronel nude. I have no pity for him. Or perhaps someone else el chapo's wife needs to see in nyc lives in Huma's building. Anonymous February 23, at Anonymous June 29, at 3: This has been an automated message.

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Anonymous February 21, at 5: Borderland Beat Reporter Lucio Posted at 6: Anonymous February 21, at 4: What about the families of his victims? Pero no lo dudo que sea beautiful. Hot and sexy fucking girls. All she wants is having chapo raise jis daughters. It's nice to have protection of a US citizenship to cause death and destruction in Mexico. Posts must be directly relevant to investigation of Pizzagate: This is super not interesting.

Juan Mendez wrote that torture of detained people in Mexico was widespread and occurred "in a context of impunity, the aim usually being to inflict punishment or to extract confessions or information.

New laws to stop low life like her from being US citizen. She came to debrief I'm sure customs interviewed her at the airport and went through her phone She's probably a snitch like her husband! Although Emma has described her father as a cattle rancher and farmer, the family has links to the Sinaloa Cartel. Extradite Chapo and then see how far he gets with his moaning. The niece of the late capo Nacho Coronel and wife of Chapo.

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Athletic girl pussy Take your eye off the little fucker and he will disappear.
FUCKING BIG TITS PICS None of these narcos deserve anything.
Sexy girl bathing Watch how El Chapo was finally caught. I think it's more than just being into each other, although that is certainly a possibility. When will someone go to DC and talk about what it happening in Mexico and how can they support this political regime with free money.

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