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Ailee naked pictures

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It is rumoured that the ex-boyfriend of Ailee is currently a writer at that news site.

When the WNYC program Radiolab covered the Ailee nude photo scandal this week, any reference to Ailee's ex-boyfriend Daniel Lee, a suspected source, or his connection to allkpop, was conspicuously left out. In relation to the leaked pictures, Ailee had been told that in order to accurately judge her body figure, she had to participate in a nude shoot.

Where is the uncensored pics? We truly hope that YMC decides to run a full legal investigation, as it will reveal the whole truth of the situation. Pictures of naked filipino women. Literally everything about her body is perfect. Ailee naked pictures. Yes, private part was shown but think seriously. Stuff like this always happens to famous ppl, ur past tries to pull u down. Common sense should also tell you that you do not send in nude photos for underwear modeling.

If all this ends up being true I'll admire Ailee for her voice but I'll sure as hell won't have a high opinion of her intelligence, I'm sorry. JKF November 24, at 4: If you recall the incident with XXX celebrityand other celebrity incidents, the people involved were all arrested and sued.

DB Mall November 24, at 4: She was trying to get into the modeling business. You'll see it later.

Ailee naked pictures

All I'm saying is that there isn't the need to keep pointing it out, saying it over and over again, like you just did. Nude retro sex. The other thing is that this type of stuff happens even worse in the k-industry where trainees get sucked into shady businesses and end up having to do explicit things to keep making money Update your email address Unfortunately we were unable to retrieve your email address during sign up.

I feel guilty as well. That's why they became celebrities. So only you're allowed to call her a dumbass? Want to add to the discussion? Despite receiving a warning from Dispatch itself about the legal consequences of selling photos that Person A received, Person A then said, "Ah, I see. She politely said no, and he then proceeded to yell at her and told her that she will never make it in this business and that he is a big time director and has a lot of friends in the business.

D Keep singing beautifully because we love you for your personality and voice and not your privates: It's also kinda sad because if she was actually scammed instead of just sending nudes to her BF, well We very clearly stated that if the photos were to show up online we would have to write the story as that is our job and duty as a news site.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Not to defend their statement because I don't agree at all I think Ailee's voice is amazingbut the poster DID say "nor" so the two are not correlated at all.

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Here are the images — click the right arrow to view the whole gallery and to see everything:.

Because it was a rude and Irrelevant question, you were just trying to be funny and I wasn't going to go along with a troll. Contemporary art nude. On May 5, the 'Salvation Sect' …. Being in show biz is hard and there will be more scandals that come along the way because people just want to raise a single person to fame just to take them down one by one. Ailee naked pictures. In the end It's just nice to have clarification that YMC's statement was true.

Posting some story and getting upset and insulting someone for asking a question that relates to Ailee's situation is trollish behavior as far I'm concerned.

Btw, at least this isnt bad to what happened to the famous HongKong actor Edison Chen. General 'Salvation Sect' makes official statement on J. I had no other intention. From what I hear, this was not some friend. All of these claims, at least, were completely groundless and untrue. Naked nice girls. On the most recent episode of 'Entertainment Weekly', Ryan Reynold…. You actually used the word "blame", that's not just an opinion that's "victim blaming", because she is the victim of someone else's action She is dealing with the consequences of someone else's action, that's not my or our opinion that's a fact So it's not a matter of respecting whoever's opinion it's a matter of facts Saying that taking those pictures was stupid and naive is one thing, saying that she should be blamed is another.

JKF November 24, at 4: I've seen ppl do worse things but that's not the point. I believe it is called freedom of speech. Yeah, only the government hacks you and gets away with it. For full disclosure, our employee, Daniel Lee did date Ailee in the past, however he did not post the photos in question. It seems ludicrous but it's more common than you think.

This may be embarrassing for her, but what if it actually helps her? No, it wasn't, it was highly relevant. Honestly it was a very stupid mistake but she was young and probably didnt have very good judgement. This will make AKP look stupid. Naked baby butt. I don't understood why she didnt in the least bit feel suspicious when sending all those nude photos For Ailee's sake, we stated to YMC that we would not write anything about this unless the photos were to end up being posted on the internet.

How would she have known that she would be famous? Which obviously, he didn't.

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Part of the reason why scams in the entertainment business are so prevalent and so powerful is because of the shame associated with admitting that you were dumb enough to get scammed.

It's hard to believe actually.

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Posted May 1, 0. Why should I treat Ailee any differently? This is YMC Entertainment. Lesbian clubs phoenix. And besides, she has a beautiful figure! Even if you doubt he's stupid enough he did admit on calling dispatch. IS2U November 24, at 3: She took nude photos because they wanted a better judgment of her body but the company was unable to be contacted after she took them. Hot milf sucking dick The important thing is what you want to do is very dangerous and wrong.

Do you know something it would have made more sense if she was underage. Over the phone conversation, this person stated that he would like to "sell us the photos" and "break the story".

I remember himchan said she is 1 year older when shindong asked who is older about the wgm thingand himchan is 23 now. I believe it is called freedom of speech.

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Hot and nude moms DB Mall November 24, at 4:
Martina big naked The definition of "troll" isn't someone who disagrees with you.
Carolyn reese milf hunter I don't give a shit about allkpop or YMC or Dispatch, but it bothers me that whomever is digging this up and writing this just makes Ailee look like a complete dumbass.
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